India and China, the Struggle for Power

vietnam lan tay field India and China, the struggle for power

For years, Beijing’s diplomacy in dealing with foreign countries for energy, paving the way for the Chinese state companies. But now New Delhi faces the problem in political terms.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews / Agencies) – India, the third largest economy in the developing world, has a new energy strategy to face the fierce competition from China, which in 2009 took away contracts for at least $ 12.5 billion . The Oil Minister Murli Deora was in recent months in oil-rich countries like Nigeria, Angola, Uganda, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, to win contracts and meet the growing energy needs of 1.2 billion people. Continue reading

Electricity Production in China – Prospects and Environmental Impacts Across the Planet


The Chinese economy is booming, posting an average annual growth rate of 10 per 100 from 1990. According to the World Bank, it is the fourth largest in the world and China is affirmed, without a shadow of a doubt as industrial power ( 1 ). Economic growth, the primary objective of the Chinese central government, is based primarily on coal, an abundant source of energy and affordable but also highly polluting. In fact, coal now accounts for 69 per 100 of consumption primary energy in China, compared to 11 per 100 in Canada ( 2 ). Continue reading